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Additional Information

The OH-Box Ready is a tool storage cabinet that is ready to be upgraded with the most advanced technology for tool control and become an OH-BOX, to make your tool control process more safe and efficient. 

All the OHEL READY boxes include:

  • 2 rigid  polyurethane casters (do not mark floors)
  • 2  swivel  polyurethane  casters  (do  not  mark floors)  with  total-lock  brake system.
  • Side handle 
  • Back access door

The OHEL READY Boxes does NOT include

  • The RFID tracking technology
  • No wood or rubber mat or any other type of material on Top. That could be quoted separately.

How it Works

The OH-Box Ready is the solution that evolves with you. If you are not ready to invest fully in a secure storage solution you can purchase this and add the RFID technology later on.



Additional Information

Automatic cabinet that can be locked and grant access at drawer level. It uses RFID and other technologies to control users access and checkout of items in real time. It reports inventory in real time. Tracks the items used and the work where the item is used. It also keeps accurate track of the service/maintenance. Many other capabilities available.

Reduces cost and Increases Safety 

The O-Box™ is the most simple, efficient and secure RFID based, Automated Multiuser Toolbox for your industry. It is a great solution to prevent Foreign Object Damage (FOD) or Foreign Material Exclusion (FME)OH-Box™ is a self-sustained, secure and automatic RFID tool control solution, which is available in mobile, stationary  and depot  version.Itelmatic is the only solution that was developed out of four years of in-site research with input from dozens of users capturing their concerns of real operations.

When maintenance, tool control and accountability are mission critical, you need Itelmatic --The best solution for tool control.


  • Reduce the number of lost tools 
  • Toos and equipment service and/or calibration management
  • Real-time individual tool inventory tracking
  • Full check in-out process automation
  • Utilization of existing infrastructure (including employee ID card and existing tools)
  • Full accountability with multiple users
  • Adaptable enterprise technology that works with existing processes
  • True like-item accountability – the ability to distinguish between identical tools with no accountability loopholes
  • Simple - easy to learn and use, with universally identifiable symbols, colors, sounds and visualization to allow for quick system training and easily recognizable signals and alerts
  • Expeditionary capability
  • Reduced man/hours per day at all personnel levels
  • Reduces Foreign Object Damage (FOD) or Foreign Material Exclusion (FME)

How it Works

TheOH-Rack™ is simple to use just follow the 1-2-3 Check IN/OUT process:  

1- Open the permanent locked toolbox (Itelmatic), just by swiping your authorized organization ID card. 

2- Grab (or Return) your Item

3- Go, by closing the drawer and pressing the check out buttonUnlike systems that involve bar codes, scanners, or data entry, our system has no room for human error. Our processes and methodologies provide a high level of tool control at the individual item level as well as at a toolbox level. This is achieved by assigning individual RFID readers and tags for every tool, so every item is controlled in real time in its specific pocket. Administrators can see overviews, run reports, and set specific access control and drawer restrictions. 



Additional Information

We use different cabinets for different needs, including OH-Rack that can manage larger equipment

The OH-Rack consists of a configurable set of lockers equipped with Radio Frequency Identification capabilities that are based on the Pokayoke concept. This device is able to restrict user access to certain items and record the actions of users and managers. This solution makes any mundane task, be it sending tools to TDY or “showing” a card inside of the locker, simple. It also controls Maintenance/Service and warranties.


OH-Rack is a standalone solution which can be placed within or without a CTK room controlled and administered by a CTK custodian.

Tech Specs

Passive RFID based solution

  • Manager-operated from a central computer through a user-friendly, interactive interface


OH-Rack can be used to store equipment, tools, different time of items or even OH-Kits, any individual dumb boxes, equipment, or TO’s.All OHLE's solutions include and are protected by its proprietary patents: 

PAT. NO. 7,557,709, PAT. NO. 7,932,824, PAT. NO. 2093726, PAT. NO. 8806, PAT. NO. 8,270,140, PAT. NO. 8,410,911, PAT. No. 8,068,929